Said about us

Access to corporate e-mail from mobile phone has allowed our staff to become more responsive in dealing with customers, thus improving the quality and increasing sales.

Tatyana Klih, General Manager, Bonita Tour

Exchange Hosting service has saved us from the enormous upfront investments and let us to be focused on our customers support rather then on the support of the email system.

Igor Dzubenko, IT manager, Ergopack Ltd

Service reliability from Global Service speaks for itself: while our cooperation there wasn't any service fault or interruption of service delivery.

Dmitry Igolnikov, IT director, Zenith Insurance Company

Thanks to our cooperation with SGS Company, we've received the modern, reliable and flexible solution of business mail and corporate portal. Along with that we have managed to decreased all risks of business processes continuity.

Valeriy Sokolov, CIO, OJSC “UIC "Generali Garant”

Minimum cost

Implementing the solution requires no capital expenditure. You do not need buy the equipment and licenses. Pay for the services from the operating expenses instead. In addition, you get the flexibility to adjust your costs and pay only for what you need. And finally, your costs are predictable. You will no longer be threatened with an accident, equipment failure, dismissal of personnel and related costs. All risks are included in the cost of service.


Mobility, Mobility and again Mobility! Obtain information wherever there is the internet connection and work on it using your office computer, phone, PDA or laptop. Our services will give you the opportunity to work where you feel youself comfortable and when you would like to via secure communication channel.

Completeness of the solutions

Any of our services is the best solution in its class on a set of functionality. Each of them is designed to meet the wishes of millions of users worldwide and is proven over the years and stable software from the world leaders. The efficiency of services is provided by the reliable infrastructure and equipment in our data center, backup systems and continuous monitoring.


If you use our services, you will legally use modern software. For users of services "Business Mail", we offer a free license of the best business-class mail client to work with - Microsoft Outlook 2007!