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Garant Auto Insurance Company


GUARANTOR-AUTO Insurance Company is one of leading players of market of insurance services in Ukraine. A company was founded in Kyiv in 1992 years and for today offers the programs of insurance for legal and physical entities.

Problem description

At the time of changing of the e-mail system, company had near 900 users, implemented Active Directory and obsolete e-mail system.
Company management understood that they have to switch to the modern solution of business mail and choice was made in favor of Microsoft Exchange. A tender was announced for the implementation of e-mail system. The cost of implementation was preliminary estimated at $ 80000. However, there were several obstacles to such a transition.

  • The market situation was far from ideal because of the effects of the global financial crisis. This hampered the making of a decision to spend necessary funds
  • The IT management of the company understood that in order to ensure failure-proof work of the system it will be necessary to increase the number of specialists in the field of administration of e-mail system
  • As soon as e-mail system is a critically important for business, support risks were greatly high also


In these circumstances, the management of IT department of the company company received an offer from the SGS Company to use already working service "Business Mail", based on Microsoft Exchange 2007. This proposal was attractive to company for several reasons:

  • The company wouldn’t incur capital costs for the purchase of servers and licenses and for deployment of the system in-house.
  • The company would avoid increase of staff.
  • The company would decline all the risks associated with the service maintenance.

However, the acceptance of such proposal had a few problems to the company. How to avoid the problem of "dual" user’s administration in the home and hosting systems? Will be the service as flexible in matters of system configuration to specific requirements? Will the service satisfy the security requirements which are adopted in the company? How connection to the service will impact work processes in the company?
These questions were answered, which satisfy the company's management and the decision was made in favor of working with SGS.
Company is large enough and the connection to the service could not be accomplished in one day, but on the other hand, it was impossible to interrupt the operation of the company and its business processes, so 1 month plan of transition of the company to the service was developed.
The project of the company transition to the hosted services included the following stages:

  1. The import of the users from active directory of the company to the hosted environment.
  2. Setting up a federation between company and SGS domains.
  3. Setting up an SSL connection with services.
  4. Implementation of the integration of the company’s AD with SGS AD.
  5. Testing of the AD and domains interconnection.
  6. The adjusting of spam filters and setting the necessary groups mailings.

To implement the active directory integration Microsoft Identity Life Cycle Manager 2007 product was selected. This product has been deployed on the SGS side and was connected to an active directory of the Company through the VNP channel. Then we had made the necessary adjustment of the rules of synchronization, after which the trees of active directory companies were synchronized.
Afterwards, mailboxes were created for all users of the company, further configuration of the spam filter was made, the necessary aliases and distribution groups were created, security settings and configuration of the client workstations were performed including the mobile devices in use.

The scheme of the work of the Company with Business mail service is shown in the figure below.
As a result of these operations, the administrators of the Company have the opportunity to manage users of the company from the control panel provided by SGS. All changes in the user information are synchronized with home company catalogue, and hence there is no need to "double counting" of users.


Implementation effect

As a result, the transition to "Business Mail" service, company received following advantages:
1.    A modern solution of the business class mail.
2.    Removing the risks of operation and system administration.
3.    Avoiding capital expenditure and expansion of the IT department.
4.    Mobile e-mail access for all employees.
5.    Meeting the requirements of configuration and system control.
6.    Flexibility in the cost of postal service.
7.    No need for "dual administration" of users.
8.    24õ7 support.
9.    Licenses of the best e-mail client - Outlook 2007.