High speed of development of information and communication technologies actualize the protection issues of the related infrastructure. The injury, malware, destruction, or stolen data may have significant implications for enterprise security of the ministries, departments, or even the country. Cyberwar and cyber defense of science fiction movies has already become a reality. Neglect the protection of information leads to fatal consequences.

You can lead the anologii -Doping more developed methodology to identify it, the more intense lab work hindering its detection. The informatization of society is developing at a phenomenal pace and equally rapidly growing level of cybercrime. Among them the most important features are usually referred the particularly difficult detection and investigation, extremely high latency, transparency of national borders for criminals and lack of a unified legal framework for dealing with them. So there are particularly large amount of damage because of the high professionalism of the people organizing cybercrimes. In addition, the increase number of Internet users and the expansion of online services provided led to the growth of cybercrime, mainly in the financial sector.

For any business it is important that the information used within the company, did not get into the hands of third parties. Today, when all the data stored in electronic form, hackers can easily access them using special malware. Along with the development of cybercrime and create new solutions to protect information from unauthorized copying, modification and deletion. It is also important to provide internal threats - deliberate or accidental breach of information security policy in the company.

IT-security is a guarantee of the safety of commercial secrets, and any other data stored in the IT environment of the company. Complex system of information security (IS) has to prevent any unauthorized access to confidential information (data) and its unauthorized alteration.

SL Global Service LTD offers a wide range of products and services to protect information systems of organizations and enterprises. We propose all cycle- from audit and identify vulnerabilities of information systems- to create a comprehensive system of protection of information resources of any organization. In our work we use proven products of world leaders such as McAfee( Intel Security),Cisco, Check Point,Tend Micro, Websense, GTB, Splunk and others.

Our services for creation of any level cybersecurity are designed to:

protect endpoint devices (laptops, mobile devices, etc.) - Next Generation Endpoint Security;

protect networks- Security Connected Manifested;

We implement

anti-virus security;

Cloud information security system management

Virtual infrastructure security system

Security information and event management (SIEM). SIEM technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. SIEM consist of software, appliances or managed services, and are also used to log security data and generate reports for compliance purposes

Data loss/leak prevention solution (DLP). DLP is a system that is designed to detect potential data breach / data ex-filtration transmissions and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (data storage). In data leakage incidents, sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized personnel either by malicious intent or inadvertent mistake. Such sensitive data can come in the form of private or company information, intellectual property (IP), financial or patient information, credit-card data, and other information depending on the business and the industry.

Firewall shielding;

VPN and SSL VPN channels;

Control systems for employees activities on the Internet;

We propose

Backup and Recovery;

Designing and Implementing Complex Information Security Systems (KSZI)


The team of consultants, experts, solution architects, engineers, project managers, software developers take responsibility for solving any problems of IT security.

Your unique project will be completed on time and within budget.