For partners

We strictly believe that "cloud services" is the future of IT. And we invite you to join us to become a conductor of this future in our market.

We offer companies and private entrepreneurs to become partners of SGS and to promote our services, receiving rebates depending on the number of connected users.

Working with us, you will receive a monthly income from each deal is signed with your help.

Those who are not yet familiar with our partner program, we recommend to have a look at this document (available in Russian), which provides answers to the most common questions relating to the partnership. It will give you an idea of the principles of the partnerships, how much income partner will obtain reselling the services of SGS and so on.

If you or your company are interested in partnering, please send a request to and provide your contact information. We will contact you shortly and discuss further action.

We also recommend to register in our partner database in order to obtain additional benefits. As a registered partners you can enter a special portal where you can find many documents, presentations, templates and contracts. Also, the portal will provide public announcement and other specialized information. All of this can greatly facilitate your work, save time and help in sales process. Partner registration is performed by the prior agreement and after signing the necessary documents.


Entrance for the registered partners (russian language)