UB Crypto.VS

UB-Crypto Video Surveillance (UBCrypto.VS) – is a corporate video surveillance security solution.

CCTV video surveillance systems are deployed at entrances and exits to facilities as well as in areas considered to be sensitive, such as bank vaults, server rooms, research and development labs and areas where expensive equipment is located. Unauthorized access to such systems can allow criminals examine a facility before breaking into it, turn cameras away from the areas they don't want to be monitored or zoom in on sensitive papers or prototype products at a workstation. We often see in movies, how criminals substitute video files for various objects (banks, various companies, secret objects). In such cases, it is said that the "integrity of information" is compromised.
UBCrypto.VS solves this issues and supports security and confidence for the whole solution.

UBCrypto.VS can support crypto video and open video traffic in one solution.  This unique feature gives flexibility, scalability and costs savings.