Our partners

Meeting customer needs is a priority for SL Global Service. That's why we work with companies that create innovative and efficient solutions.

It is the world's largest software developer and server hardware supplier. The flagship and most famous product is the Oracle database management system.

In November 2019, Broadcom acquired Symantec Enterprise Security, one of the world leaders in the corporate security segment. The main product is Symantec Endpoint Protection.

The world's largest manufacturer of network equipment designed to service remote access networks, security services, storage networks, routing and switching.

McAfee is a company that specializes in the development of protection systems and analysis of malicious and unwanted software. In 2011, McAfee became a subsidiary of Intel.

Is one of the world's leading manufacturers of software and some hardware. The corporation offers a wide range of software for business processes.

Trend Micro is a leader in hybrid cloud solutions, endpoints and network security. And the number of products and services is in the hundreds.