Reliable cryptographic protection of voice conversations by phone and messengers. This mobile application is available for Android.

UBCrypto.Mobile is a solution with a high level of mobile security protection to secure corporate communications.

UBCrypto.Mobile is an easy-to-use mobile application for Android based smartphones. The mobile app works with all available mobile communication standards (GSM, CDMI) and even Wi-Fi networks without a SIM card.

UBCrypto.Mobile encryption technology is based on strong, well-researched crypto algorithms that in combination with full technical protection and appropriate key lengths support privacy and security of your mobile communication.

The application works across all available mobile communications standards (GSM, CDMI) and even in Wi-Fi networks without a SIM card.

Crypto protection is based on strong crypto algorithms and real random (HW generated) secret keys:

  • True Random Number Generator for sessions key generation;
  • Diffie-Helman on elliptic curves and asymmetric/Public Key algorithm: RSA (2048-4096) for authentication and command traffic initialization;
  • Symmetric algorithm: AES (256 bit) for command traffic;
  • Symmetric algorithm: AES (256 bit) during communication sessions;
  • Work on any type of IP traffic, even without SIM card (using Wi-Fi);
  • Technical protection guarantees the integrity of particular device and has the possibility to terminate any “suspicious” process before this process causes significant damage;
  • Ensure and control the integrity of information;
  • The low bandwidth requirement (2K bytes per second) and smart network fitter management algorithms warrants the best quality of service on low speed and overloaded Internet channels;
  • No backdoors or escrow keys of any type;
  • The entire system can be fully verified by a customer or other independent body