Announcing Oracle Visual Builder Platform

We are happy to announce the release of the Oracle Visual Builder Platform – a complete and integrated environment for development teams to develop and deliver cloud native applications. The Visual Builder Platform integrates the features of Oracle Visual Builder and Oracle Developer Cloud Service to cover the full development lifecycle from planning all the way to delivery and hosting.

The platform consists of a development interface and a runtime/hosting service, Visual Builder Studio and Visual Builder service respectively.

Visual Builder Studio

Visual Builder Studio integrates an agile collaborative team development platform with code management and CI/CD automation, extended with visual development experience for web and mobile applications.

Oracle Visual Builder Studio includes specific features that streamline the development lifecycle for Visual Builder developers with project templates, environments management, and a set of dedicated build steps and CI/CD pipelines for publishing and managing Visual Builder applications.

These features integrate directly with the visual development experience for web and mobile user interfaces provided by Visual Builder’s editors. Visual Applications developed with Visual Builder leverage Oracle JET’s rich set of components, further accelerating the speed at which development teams can deliver innovative user experiences.

Oracle’s development teams are leveraging Visual Builder Studio to create the next generation of Oracle Cloud Applications. Visual Builder Studio also acts as the interface for power users and developers to configure and customize new modules delivered by Oracle Cloud Apps teams.

In addition, Visual Builder Studio provides a set of features that make it an ideal solution for building extensions to current and future Oracle Cloud Apps – including a built-in catalog of services enabling easy access to Oracle Cloud Applications’ business objects.

Relying on industry standards, Visual Builder Studio can consume data from any REST-based data source, enabling customers to create extensions that mash-up data from Oracle Cloud Applications along with custom and external sources of data easily.

Beyond Visual Apps

In Visual Builder Studio, development teams will find everything they need to manage the full lifecycle of all the artifacts that participate in the ecosystem of extending Oracle Cloud Applications.

For project planning, Visual Builder Studio includes an issue tracking system, Agile boards and Sprint management utilities, along with wikis for information sharing.

To improve code lifecycle management, VBS offers hosted private Git repositories accessible from any git client, merge request process management, and online peer code review.

To help automate delivery processes, VBS includes powerful CI/CD engine with support for pipelines that integrates popular build and test frameworks, as well as utilities that help manage infrastructure as code leveraging standards such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Visual Builder – A Powerful Runtime Platform

Visual Builder provides an easy to use scalable platform for teams to host visual apps. Beyond hosting web and mobile apps, teams have the flexibility to store data in an embedded or a separate Oracle database, and host reusable business objects that expose REST interfaces and business logic to that data.

Deployment of applications across Visual Builder instances and environments can be streamlined by leveraging CI/CD pipelines defined in Oracle Visual Builder Studio.


Take out the new Visual Builder platform for a spin and see how it can help you deliver cloud applications faster – start a free trial here. And visit the documentation pages for Oracle Visual Builder Studio and Oracle Visual Builder.

Oracle Developer Cloud customers will automatically receive an upgrade to use Oracle Visual Builder Studio without any impact to their existing functionality.

Oracle Visual Builder customers can spin up a free instance of Oracle Visual Builder Studio and point it to their existing Visual Builder instance to start leveraging the new functionality.

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