Cisco SecureX Cloud-Native Security Platform Coming June 30

Cisco Systems today reinforced its February 2020 promise to deliver SecureX, a cloud-native cybersecurity, in June 2020.

The SecureX announcement comes as global organizations are increasingly exploring ways to secure remote workers against cyber threats during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

SecureX helps organizations strengthen their security across applications, cloud environments, endpoints and networks, Cisco indicated. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Correlated intelligence data from multiple intelligence sources and telemetry across network, endpoint, email, cloud and third-party products
  • Automated threat hunting based on Cisco Talos threat intelligence and other intelligence sources
  • Automated workflows across Cisco security products
  • Operational and threat metrics across applications, cloud environments, endpoints and networks

SecureX will be generally available June 30.

Along with SecureX, Cisco has introduced Cloud Mailbox Defense for Office 365 to help organizations secure cloud inboxes.

Cloud Mailbox Defense for Office 365 provides visibility into a cloud inbox’s inbound, outbound and internal messages, Cisco stated. In doing so, the solution helps organizations guard against phishing, ransomware and other email threats.

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